Aaron Wirtz to Speak at Young Professionals Summit

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Aaron Wirtz at Young Professionals Summit

I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be speaking at the YP Summit on April 22, 2016 here in Wichita.  Presented by Young Professionals of Wichita, the YP Summit will feature keynote speaker and bestselling author Jon Acuff, as well as Mark McCormick, Ted Kriewel, and my buddy Armando Minjarez.

Here’s a blurb about my presentation, which is titled “One of One: Having the Confidence and Creativity to Stand Out”:

With the infinite connectivity and in-the-moment communication that shapes our generation, attention is scarce and anxiety is high. How should Young Professionals communicate their abilities to prospective employers and clients in a world where everyone’s an “expert?” In this presentation, you’ll learn how to gain the confidence to transcend crowdsourced conformity, ignore best practices, and join the ranks of the influencers, creators, and innovators.

Hope to see you there!

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