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Aaron Wirtz to Speak at Wichita Art Museum

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On Friday, November 17, Aaron Wirtz will be speaking as part of the Wichita Art Museum’s Art Chatter lineup. Also speaking in the lineup are photographers Katherine and Conin Fugit, the one and only Schane Gross, artist Beth Janssen, designer Craig Lindeman, and artist Kristen Phipps. Aaron will be speaking about how to reconcile one’s career with personal, creative pursuits when the two seem to be at odds. Check out the Wichita Art Museum’s website for more information. Hope to see you there!

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Hosting the 2016 Tallgrass Down to the Wire Film Race

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What a treat it was to host the Creative Rush/Tallgrass Film Association 2016 Down to the Wire 24-Hour Film Race Top Ten Showcase at the Wichita Orpheum Theatre. I feel at home on the Orpheum stage, and the energy in the theatre was electric. Here are just a few highlights from the evening: Tallgrass does a great job with their social media presence, so my co-host Emily Strom and I  kicked off the awards show with an onstage selfie to encourage people to keep tweeting, snapping, and recording: Epic @tallgrassfilmfest #dttw onstage selfie at the @wichitaorpheum with @emilystrommusic . RT […]

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Aaron Wirtz to Speak at Young Professionals Summit

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I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be speaking at the YP Summit on April 22, 2016 here in Wichita.  Presented by Young Professionals of Wichita, the YP Summit will feature keynote speaker and bestselling author Jon Acuff, as well as Mark McCormick, Ted Kriewel, and my buddy Armando Minjarez. Here’s a blurb about my presentation, which is titled “One of One: Having the Confidence and Creativity to Stand Out”: With the infinite connectivity and in-the-moment communication that shapes our generation, attention is scarce and anxiety is high. How should Young Professionals communicate their abilities to prospective employers and clients in a world […]

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You Are the Market at Fisch Haus Theatre Thursdays

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You’re invited to my segment of Fisch Haus’ Theatre Thursdays! Here’s what to expect from the show: You Are the Market: An Evening with Aaron Wirtz Media personality and digital performance artist Aaron Wirtz will present an evening of experimental theatre that explores the murky areas between occupation and identity. You Are the Market will offer an amusing look at some of the unforgettable moments, speculations, and realizations along his journey from call center trainer to English grad student to used car TV pitchman with stories that will resonate with the Wichitan in us all. Hope to see you there!

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Aaron Wirtz to Speak at Inaugural CBT News Conference

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I’m pumped to be speaking at the first ever CBT News Conference & Expo this coming February in Atlanta. Here’s the description of my breakout session, entitled “Quantifiably Explosive Used Car Marketing:” Looking to send your used car sales into overdrive? Learn the advertising secrets that took Super Car Guys from one store with double-digit monthly sales to a multiple location powerhouse with triple digit sales at each store. In this presentation, you’ll receive specifics about effective marketing mix, developing the courage to move against the herd, and you’ll learn what your digital marketing vendor probably isn’t telling you about […]

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Judging WADECA Competition @ Newman University

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I had the pleasure of serving as a judge at the WADECA competition, which took place at Newman University. WADECA is the citywide competition of DECA, which is an association of marketing students that compete all the way up to the international level.  I was asked by Jeff Darr, my former entrepreneurship teacher from Northwest High School, pictured here: Dozens of active members of Wichita’s business community participated as part of the role playing portion of the event. During the role play, the students had to pitch marketing ideas, business plans, and management solutions to their superiors (in this case, the judges), and […]

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ArtAID XXI: A Gala Benefit for Positive Directions

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Now that ArtAID is over for another year, it’s time to reflect on everything we did to help make this one of the most unique gala experiences in Wichita. In an age of fundraiser fatigue, ArtAID is a welcome break from the norm, and we’re proud to have contributed so extensively to keeping the event wild, weird, memorable, and moving. In addition to developing the theme and narrative of the show, we created the graphic assets for use in print, on the web, and billboards. Since this was the 21st ArtAID, “The Crystal Ball” theme fit perfectly, as it evokes a sense […]

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Wichita Eagle Features CurveBreak

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Wichita Eagle business reporter Carrie Rengers stopped by the studio yesterday to talk about what CurveBreak is up to. We covered the basics, and I stressed the importance of marketing not with just creativity, but with a distinctive sort of boldness. It’s significant that the Eagle now accompanies most of its stories with videos. Naturally, we made a silly video, which you can see here: Read Carrie’s story here, and follow her on Twitter @CarrieRengers to stay apprised of what’s happening in the Wichita business community. Developing good relationships with local journalists and media personalities is as important as ever (if […]

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Aaron Wirtz to Speak at Driving Sales Executive Summit (The Threepeat)

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  I’m thrilled to be returning to the Bellagio to speak at the 2015 Driving Sales Executive Summit for my third consecutive year.  My presentation, entitled “Haters Gonna Hate: When Reputation Management Gets Personal,” will offer an intimate look at the variety of experiences I’ve encountered as Wichita’s most recognizable commercial personality, and what I’ve learned over the journey.   2015 seems to be the year of Reputation Management presentations for me.    If you’re curious about how you can improve your organization’s online reputation, and how that relates to traffic, leads, and sales, as always, give me a call at […]

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What is the Curve and Why Should I Break it?

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What is the curve? We hear about it all the time. You know–that curve we’re all rushing to stay ahead of for reasons we’d rather not examine.  No matter how hard you run, it’s always just behind you like a nightmare. This curve comes in many forms. In society, the curve makes us buy the latest stuff because we think we’ll be left behind without it. In business, the curve dictates the rules of the game we play against the competition. Remember how relieved your class was when the teacher announced he’d be “grading on a curve?” Goodbye effort–provided that one kid didn’t spoil it by actually […]

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