Live Event Production

CurveBrek Live Event Production

Your guests will thank you when you hire CurveBreak to produce your next live event.

In an age of fundraiser and conference fatigue, your guests will appreciate our energetic, modern approach to event production that will leave people ready to attend the next one. We do gatherings of all kinds–Whether you need help with sound and video equipment, organization, or a master of ceremonies, give us a call at 316-530-2512 to get the conversation started.

Events are better when they’re well attended. Enlist the aid of our digital marketing and video production services to maximize ticket sales, and make sure the event is documented properly so it can be enjoyed for years to come. Read about our work with ArtAID, Positive Directions’ large-scale gala fundraiser at the Cotillion Ballroom.

CurveBreak founder Aaron Wirtz is an electronic music and video art pioneer, and his years of gigging and event promotion have given him practical experience for audio visual production of any scale–from intimate weddings to stadium shows. As one of Wichita’s most recognizable media personalities, your guests will love his approach to emceeing, which includes anything from tap dancing, DJing, playing the spoons, singing, or reciting an original poem written just for your occasion.