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Great News–I’ve agreed to present at the Wichita Business Journal’s upcoming panel discussion about reputation management and how it can impact the bottom line. Presenting with me (pictured above from left to right) will be the Arnold Group’s Emily E. Cox, Value Place’s Sean Amore, and Lee Media Group’s Morgan Plummer. Set to take place at the Kansas Leadership Center bright and early on Monday, June 22, the event will begin with a networking breakfast and then the discussion will begin with each panelist giving a 10-15 minute presentation about their experiences with reputation management and offering suggested best practices for success.

Naturally, I agree that businesses should fully utilize the reputation management resources at their disposal, but they generally do so out of fear–Fear of lost business, fear of rumors, fear of ill behaved employees–and that’s just where the review platforms want them to be. Instead of being afraid, I try to encourage business leaders to exercise the power they have to shape their own reality. Businesses do not just have to be reactive, simply moving from one crisis to another. Instead, cultivating an online review presence can and should fit into your overall digital marketing strategy. Are customers mentioning your employees by name? Are those employees then empowered to share their rave reviews with prospective customers? Different industries call for different techniques, but too often “online reviews” are thought to be the responsibility of the digital marketing manager and no one else, when the truth is every one of your employees shapes customer experience.
Also, it should be noted that online review platforms should not be immune to your criticism. Here’s an article I wrote that explains why I did not feel that Yelp advertising was a good value, which has been linked to and referenced extensively in the automotive space. In response to this article, representatives from Yelp have reached out to me on several occasions to explain the changes they’ve made to their ad packages, which goes to show that these companies are made up of people who just might also be listening to what you have to say. During the “reviewocalypse” of 2012, I even helped lead the charge against Google for deleting over 400 of our positive reviews with no explanation or apology. We even made the front page of Automotive News for that, and I received phone calls from business owners in all sorts of industries for months afterward, looking for resources and advice.
Remember–your business has a voice. Use it.
Reputation management is one of the great equalizers of the online realm. It can make a national brand feel local when handled poorly, and it can make a small brand feel global when done well.
If you’d like to chat about your reputation management strategy, I’d love to hear from you. Give me a call directly at 316-530-2512 and let’s chat. You might be surprised at how, by applying the same amount of energy just a little bit differently, you’ll go from simply reacting to intentionally creating enthusiastic, loyal customers one magic moment at a time.
I’ll be posting details as they develop, but in the meantime, follow WBJ Reporter Emily Behlmann on Twitter @ICTBizEmily for updates about what’s hot on the Wichita entrepreneurship and tech scenes. She does fantastic work for our community, and no doubt she’ll be tweeting extensively about this panel discussion and the 40 Under 40 Celebration coming up on July 1.

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