What is the Curve and Why Should I Break it?

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What is the curve?

We hear about it all the time. You know–that curve we’re all rushing to stay ahead of for reasons we’d rather not examine.  No matter how hard you run, it’s always just behind you like a nightmare.

This curve comes in many forms.

In society, the curve makes us buy the latest stuff because we think we’ll be left behind without it.

In business, the curve dictates the rules of the game we play against the competition.

Remember how relieved your class was when the teacher announced he’d be “grading on a curve?” Goodbye effort–provided that one kid didn’t spoil it by actually performing well.

The curve defines excellence only in terms of others’ mediocrity. It excuses, even demands underperformance.

The curve hates historical perspective. It loves the NOW NOW NOW.

Follow the curve long enough, and you’ll notice something odd–it’s not a curve at all. It’s a loop. An endless, exhausting feedback loop. Our world is full of them.

Breaking the curve is your way out of the loop. It’s your first step to the next level.

Breaking the curve means refusing to accept that the agreed upon rules present the only path to overcoming challenges.

Breaking the curve means helping yourself to an unfair share of attention, acclaim, and profit.

The next time someone tells you to “stay ahead of the curve,” take a moment to visualize the loop they’re suggesting you ensnare yourself within. With practice, these loops will be easy to identify.

So, break the curve. Your competition is probably afraid to.

As always, we’re here to help.

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