Wichita Eagle Features CurveBreak

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Wichita Eagle business reporter Carrie Rengers stopped by the studio yesterday to talk about what CurveBreak is up to. We covered the basics, and I stressed the importance of marketing not with just creativity, but with a distinctive sort of boldness.

It’s significant that the Eagle now accompanies most of its stories with videos. Naturally, we made a silly video, which you can see here:

Read Carrie’s story here, and follow her on Twitter @CarrieRengers to stay apprised of what’s happening in the Wichita business community. Developing good relationships with local journalists and media personalities is as important as ever (if not more so) when it comes time to amplify your message. Give me a call today at 316.530.2512 to talk about how we can incorporate this kind of messaging into your multi-channel marketing mix.

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